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A busy year for on-site remediation

As we round off a busy year for our on-site remediation division teams, we are happy to be able to report on successfully leveraging and continuing our technical successes of 2013 throughout 2104 and beyond;

After our successful treatment of Freon at the Avonmouth project last year, Celtic secured another groundwater remediation contract to treat Trichlorofluoromethane “Freon 11”. With very few examples of the treatment of Freon in Europe our previous large scale experience gave the customer confidence to select Celtic to provide a remedial solution to what had been for them a long term problem site. As Freon is classed as an ozone depleting substance and controlled under the Montreal Protocol the Environment Agency and Local Regulators were rightly focussed on gaining a high degree of confidence in Celtic being able to recover and capture the contaminant mass with giving rise to fugitive emissions to the atmosphere. As the recovery phase continues, laboratory trials will be initiated to select the most effective technique to treat any residual contaminant mass. Look out for the case study in 2015.

Following our cost effective service for the excavation and ex-situ treatment of shallows soils and perched waters at the Avonmouth site we are also completing works on three large former chemical/ aluminium works to remediate impacts from phosphate ester flame retardants and a cocktail of chemicals including biphenyl. In completing these contracts we are drawing on our significant expertise in the excavation, handling, segregation and ex-situ treatment of soils and shallow groundwater. The on-site treatment and re-injection/ infiltration of water is critical on these sites for our objective is to minimise the environmental footprint of our works and to conserve natural resources where possible. A cost effective combination of on-site treatment, waste minimisation and off-site disposal to match our customers’ requirements for programme and final site conditions is delivered by highly experienced site teams. 

Capitalising on our UK leading track record for the stabilisation and solidification (S/S) of contaminated soils and waste materials has been one of our strategic technical objectives within our EMEA group.  Significant technical collaboration between the UK and France and the expertise at our UK materials testing facility has been critical in completing feasibility trials for the treatment of chemical wastes and oil sludge for sites in France and Africa. The successful remediation of two former gasworks sites in South Wales via multiple remedial techniques including S/S also enabled us to increase our track record in this bespoke remediation technique during 2014.

Technical collaboration, sharing of best practice and ensuring the best minds from anywhere in the EnGlobe group, which includes over 1,600 professionals, has been a key focus in 2014. This has enabled not only the increased offering of additional remedial techniques in several countries but also the chance for like-minded and driven colleagues from the UK, France and Canada to join together to deliver tenders,  R&D programmes and contract delivery teams.

Our site remediation teams in the South East in particular, where the construction industry has recovered fastest, have put to use the considerable joint expertise of Biogenie and Celtic in the characterisation, categorisation and consignment of waste soils. Our in depth knowledge of waste and asbestos regulations provides our customers with confidence and cost effective remedial solutions  which minimise waste haulage and disposal costs and where appropriate take advantage of our national network of soil treatment facilities.

We expect this great work to continue in 2015 and look forward to presenting to you more international acclaimed contracts – check out our collection of Mersey Gateway case studies, videos and presentations for an insight into a project which to date has won 8 awards and been presented at 6 international conferences in 5 countries and in 2 languages.

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