Buncefield Oil Storage Depot Remediation Completed
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Buncefield Oil Storage Depot remediation completed

Celtic is pleased to have completed the remediation works which were scheduled ahead of the redevelopment of the Buncefield site.  Following a major incident at the Buncefield Oil Storage Depot in Hemel Hempstead in December 2005, major excavation and segregation and disposal of contaminated soils was required at the site before redevelopment could begin.

Remediation works were required ahead of the redevelopment of the site.  The site contained a number of contaminants of concern such as fuel oils and fire fighting foam additives (PFOS) and it was essential that these contaminants were disposed of appropriately by selecting the correct disposal route of the contaminated soils.  Significant volumes of soil were removed from site not only to remove the contaminated materials, but also to accommodate a lowering of ground level as required for the future development.

British Pipeline Agency Ltd (BPA) is responsible for the redevelopment and upgrade of a substantial proportion of the Buncefield site and chose Celtic from the tender process to undertake the remediation works as they had the ability to offer a flexible and cost sensitive approach of dealing with the contaminants.  At the same time Celtic offered BPA value for money and had the ability to accommodate significant changes in material volume and types of contaminant present.  In addition, Celtic has links with Biogenie, who have a network of soil treatment facilities across the UK and could therefore offer a competitive solution for the off-site disposal of hazardous soils from the site.

Andrew Benson, Senior Engineer at BPA said, “Our key aim for the remediation works was to prepare the site for the for the rebuild project, Celtic played a key role as they have been able to deal with the substantial volume of soil removal from the site, plus they have addressed the presence of contamination hotspots within the area”.

Christine Mardle, Project Manager for Celtic adds, “We are pleased to have been able to assist BPA in preparing the Buncefield site for redevelopment.  Working closely with BPA we were able to amend our soil disposal strategy as the project developed and being able to use Biogenie’s soil treatment facility in Redhill meant that we were able to dispose of highly contaminated soils in a compliant and cost effective way”.

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