Celtic Shortlisted for Construction News Project of the Year
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Celtic shortlisted for Construction News project of the year

Celtic have entered the Construction News Specialist Contractor awards and is shortlisted in the Project of the year category for the 2014 awards. The project under consideration for the award is the Mersey Gateway, which has already received a Highly Commended at the Brownfield Briefing awards.

The Mersey Gateway site forms a key component of the new £600 million crossing of the River Mersey between Widnes and Runcorn, one of the UK government’s Top 40 priority projects in its National Infrastructure Plan.

The remediation project focused on the 5.6 hectare Catalyst Trade Park, formerly an ICI Site. The ground beneath the site was contaminated with a ‘cocktail’ of chlorinated solvents including free phase Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL).  The remediation works were designed to relieve constraints of the construction works, maintain the construction programme and control the remediation cost to the Council.

Combined Remedial Technologies

Celtic designed a remediation strategy comprising a combination of in-situ techniques including groundwater abstraction, multi-phase extraction (MPE), in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and direct DNAPL recovery. Over 150 treatment wells were installed within the designated treatment zones as part of the remediation works.

Following the completion of the MPE treatment works ISCO was applied to multiple areas and over multiple injection rounds nearly 600,000 litres of activated hydrogen peroxide solution was delivered to target dissolved phase VOCs.  Testing demonstrated reductions in chlorinated hydrocarbon concentrations of up to 98%.

A significant mass of chlorinated solvent was recovered from the site which far exceeded the client’s expectations as well as those of the regulators.

The track record of Celtic in the application, optimisation and verification of cost effective innovative remediation solutions was the critical factor in not only securing these two flagship contracts against a range of industry leading firms but also the completion of both contracts on schedule and on budget.

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