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Celtic’s new high capacity mobile plant

As you know, Celtic use a wide variety of technologies to deliver our innovative solutions and now have an in house high capacity continuous soil processing plant to enable the more efficient delivery of a range of projects for our clients.

The plant is a fully mobile, high capacity continuous mixing plant. The plant is capable of outputs of up to 600 tonnes per hour, making it an ideal tool for everything from roller compacted concrete and soil stabilisation through to biotreatment.

What it means for your project:

  • Cost effective – Reduction in transport costs
  • Increased efficiency in productivity and programme
  • Flexibility – plant can be put to a number of uses
  • 600te/hr output vs 200te/hr for centrifuge
  • For compacted concrete, it has the mixing efficiency needed to evenly disperse the relatively small amount of water used.
  • The Plant is completely self contained allowing use for on-site mixing in remote areas, giving savings in time, money and carbon emissions.

To find out more about our new system contact gavin.rodway@celtic-ltd.com

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