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New Office – Celtic

Celtic and Biogenie now has a new office in Cardiff at the same address but on a different of floors.

Celtic-EnGlobe is a subsidiary of EnGlobe Corp., a world leader in providing integrated environmental services which operates in the UK, France, the Middle East, the USA and Canada. By selecting Celtic-EnGlobe, you benefit from EnGlobe’s international experience in the successful assessment and remediation of over 6,300 sites throughout Europe, North America and North Africa; over 1,000 of which are in the UK. As part of EnGlobe, we offer financial stability and one of the largest dedicated teams of remediation experts.

Radio 4’s Mariclare Carey-Jones hosted the evening with EnGlobe’s Co-President Alain Robichaud and Celtic/Biogenie MD Julia Roberts cutting the ribbon. The new office marks a move forward for the business and our clients.

If you like more information on the services provide, please click this link.

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