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Celtic team contribute to new NICOLE Hg Booklet

Rhys Davis, Christine Mardle, Chris Taylor-King and Martin Holmes from the Celtic team were invited to contribute to the new NICOLE Hg booklet, covering risk based management of Mercury impacted sites. The Celtic team specifically wrote a section on Stabilisation and Solidification (S/S) based on materials from the site and our overall breadth of knowledge of S/S in general.

To download a copy of the booklet please click here. You will need your log in details to download the publication.

In addition to the NICOLE Hg booklet, Marting Holmes of Celtic has been a key contributor to the publication of the CL:AIRE Soil and Groundwater Remediation Technologies for Former Gasworks and Gasholder Sites report. The report is the output of a research project conducted by CL:AIRE for the Gas Distribution Network (GDN) companies, funded by Wales & West Utilities (WWU) partnered with the Energy Innovation Centre.

The report describes the key issues and contaminants that the GDNs are currently facing and the latest remediation techniques available to treat the common contaminants associated with former gasworks and gasholder sites. You can download a copy of this report here.

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