Our asbestos management services will deliver for you:

  • Minimisation of costs and impact on programme through a mix of the best suited techniques for your site
  • Detailed Site assessment and characterisation
  • Development of asbestos remediation management plan in line with your programme
  • Engage with regulators to discharge planning conditions and develop cost effective remediation strategies.
  • Provision of site remediation contracting works including onsite treatment/pre-treatment, onsite reuse and disposal options.
  • Asbestos waste characterisation and disposal
  • Process soils provide the most cost effective disposal options
  • Undertake non licensed works with asbestos
  • Vast experience of dealing with a wide variety of asbestos contaminated sites successfully

We useUKAS accredited laboratories to ensure our sampling of asbestos containing materials and air borne fibre release are effectively monitored and controlled

On site treatment/reuse options include the use of cover systems, mechanical screening, hand processing, and excavation of asbestos impacted soil. Through strategic waste assessment and processing, using a mix of techniques, disposal costs are minimised.

Celtic directly employ UKATA trained engineers and adopt safe systems of works to ensure the risks to site workers and the general public are carefully controlled. for more details of our asbestos management services call us now on 0118 916 7340