Remediation Contracting

Celtic is the UK’S leading specialist remediation contractor, successfully providing bespoke solutions

For over 1000 projects.We provide a full range of in situ and ex situ site based treatment approaches incorporating chemical, biological, physical and thermal treatment technologies.

Whilst every client’s requirements are unique andevery solution bespoke, the principles remain


  • Engineer out conservatism
  • Design a cost effective solution
  • Build a project team with market leading experience
  • Deliver efficiently to the client’s programme constraints
  • Provide project warranties


We have delivered remediation schemes across awide variety of sectors, including for:

  • House builders
  • Commercial developers
  • Industrial site owners
  • Oil and Gas companies


    We also provide specialist subcontract remediation services to maincontractors and have undertaken remediation required under PartIIa of the Environmental Protection Act for local councils and theEnvironment Agency.

    Recognising Celtic’s combination of experience and expertise, we havebeen appointed framework contractors for the Environment Agency,Wales and West Utilities, Scotia Gas Networks and National Grid.